Reservation Agreement

Before placing a WALKCAR pre-order, please check the following information in advance, and having consented to it, please place your pre-order.

 1.  To those customers who have placed pre-orders, our company will send a notice separately with regard to the WALKCAR purchases as the release of WALKCAR approaches. This Pre-order does not constitute a WALKCAR purchase agreement. The WALKCAR purchase agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") shall be concluded after our company has approved the order you have placed for purchase in accordance with the above notice.

2. Receipt of pre-orders is not a guarantee that our company will approve orders of purchase from customers. Even if you have placed a pre-order, our company may unfortunately refuse your order for purchase according to certain circumstances and at our own discretion.

3. To those customers who have concluded this Agreement, our company will basically deliver WALKCAR in the priority order corresponding to the sequence in which pre-orders have been placed. However, this is not a guarantee that delivery will always be made in such sequence.

4. The information pertaining to WALKCAR posted on our website and other media (including, but not limited to, the specifications and scheduled release timing) is subject to change by the time you place an order for purchase.

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